Our Process

from Vision to Reality

We take care of all stages of production, including planning and pre-production, filming using our industry standard equipment, editing using premiere pro and final delivery and support.


Brand Discovery

Once you have been in touch, we will arrange a brand discovery. We will ask a variety of questions which allows us to gain an understanding of the goals you have and how video can help to achieve this.

We will then create a proposal which is specific to you. We believe that each project is unique and work to the brief, ensuring that your needs are met.


We organise all aspects of the shoot, including printing release forms, producing shot lists, location scouting & storyboarding. From start to finish, we will be in constant contact keeping you up to date with the production. We look into all possible obstacles so that we can be as efficient as possible on the day of shooting.



We include state of the art equipment in our rates, including Broadcast standard cameras, lights & audio equipment. Our self-shooting director will be on hand with clear and concise instruction ensuring that your vision becomes reality.


Once the production is complete, the editing process begins by piecing the footage together using our editing systems. We create the desired narrative and make the videos engaging for the viewer using editing techniques such as transitions, colour grading, audio mixing and text animation.

We share rough cuts of videos so that the client so you can easily review and give us feedback. Our workflow is efficient and streamlined.



You receive the final files via digital download which are ready for upload and to be shared to your social streams.

We deliver in various formats and aspect ratios, optimised for different social channels. We are on hand to help and support and maximise the impact the videos will have.

Let’s get started!

Please complete the contact form. We will be in touch within one business day to arrange a consultation.

We will discuss the aims and goals that your company has, then we will create a proposal for creating video content that is tailored to you.