Event Films

Music Festivals, Sporting Events, Charity Days, Corporate meetups, Networking Events: If you are hosting any kind of event, you need high-quality video coverage to get the exposure your hard work and planning deserves.

Every Angle Covered

Equipped with the latest high definition cameras and broadcast standard audio equipment, we capture your event from beginning to end ensuring we have adequate footage to cover the full day from every angle.

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Unobtrusive Filming

Unobtrusive Filming

We offer an unobtrusive style of filming, ensuring we don’t impact on the smooth running of the event. You won't even know we were there.

Fast delivery time

Fast delivery time

We deliver a highlight film within 24 hours of the event and a full event overview video within 2 weeks, allowing you to build the momentum from the event and gain more publicity.

Future Campaigns

Future Campaigns

We store all footage captured for up to 2 years which can then be edited into further video campaigns for up and coming events, helping you to grow your event and build on your success.

The Cambridge Club

Music, Food & Drink festival in the heart of Cambridge.

The Colour Run

The colour run featuring Supermalt.

SuperCar Saturday

Supercar show on Stockton-on-Tees, High Street.

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