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We believe the Teesside area often receives negative publicity, so we are trying to do our bit to help change this one small step at a time. 

Once a year we produce a free video which champions our area and its people. Be it a new business launch, charity, success story or local event within the tees valley area, we want to tell your story and showcase the spirit of Teesside. 

Our mission


Promote the Tees Valley area in a positive light


Create awareness for services which benefit the community and its people


Give a voice to underfunded organisations or services


Reach 1 Million people with the campaign

SuperCar Saturday

Supercar show on Stockton-on-Tees, High Street.

Hart Gables

A specialised charity that aims to provide support to all those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or trans* in the North East/Tees Valley area.

Snaps Tees Valley

Snaps support to families and young people with various disabilities/complex and additional needs in the Tees Valley area.

LGBT Advance

Training Specialists.

We need you

In under 250 words let us know why we should tell your story and how it will have a positive impact on our area.